Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas 2013 in Central Europe

December 2013 brought the opportunity to experience the around-Christmas period in a couple of places. I have decided to share with you a few of my photos, so that you can still prolong the holiday season, although it is already the last day of December.


Christmas market
Christmas market in Magdeburg

Christmas market
Christmas market in Magdeburg

Christmas tree
Christmas tree in front of the city hall in Magdeburg

Christmas crib
Christmas crib in the medieval part of the Christmas market in Magdeburg

Christmas crib
Christmas crib and decoration in someone's window in Magdeburg

Czech Republic

A carousel at the Christmas market in Olomouc

Christmas tree
Christmas tree in front of the town hall in Olomouc

Christmas crib
Christmas crib

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Christmas is finally here! The last preparations are being made. Less than two hours are remaining to the festive dinner. I wish you very merry Christmas and happy holiday time! Relax well and take care.

Per Clock

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Card - DIY

It is less than 20 days until Christmas. This year I've decided to make a couple of Christmas cards myself. Plenty of the cards sold in shops have some text already written inside, which is not always convenient. All that's missing is just your signature. If you'd like to add more personalized text by yourself, it wouldn't fit there that well. Perhaps it's also a good idea to show the recipient that you invested a bit of time and effort to either write the wishes by yourself or make even the entire Christmas card.

In case you feel that drawing is not your thing at all, you don't need to feel down. Luckily the Christmas motives can be simplified to basic geometric shapes. Think of a Christmas tree. What does it remind you of when you are looking at it from a larger distance? A triangle.

As for colours, I still enjoy the traditional red, green, gold trio, although in comparison to the advent calendar, I selected rather different shades of red and green to make it mellower. There is one of the cards as a sneak peek. I'm going to film the Do It Yourself video. The link to it will be added here so that you can get inspired soon enough before Christmas to make your own Christmas cards or just have a look at other designs which I made for this year.

Christmas card (trees on striped background).

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Advent Calendar - DIY

Central Europe as well as many other parts all around the world celebrates Christmas. One of the customs belonging to the pre-Christmas period is the advent calendar. Long before winter season comes, already in October, shops get filled with various chocolate containing calendars. These have 24 windows which are opened one by one every day starting from 1st December. The small chocolate squares waiting behind these windows are usually in the shape of any of the typical Christmas motives, such as a Christmas tree, candles, etc.

Since the calendars predominantly contain lower quality chocolates and the overall design is often somewhat childish. Thus, I decided to make the calendar all by myself and included various tea bags as treats instead.

Various tee bags.

How it was made.

The final result.

It was my very first attempt. Very enjoyable activity for long late autumn evenings, for sure. It is already 28th November, but if you still feel like, you may try to do something similar for yourself. It is a lot of fun to open a window/doors each morning and find a little surprise behind it.

To see how this advent calendar was made, watch my youtube video here.